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Meet Our Host

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Rev. Dr. Oswen F. Cameron

Founding Pastor & Overseer LHMI, Inc.

Founder & CEO of Lighthouse Ministries International, Inc.

Vice President, LIFE COLLEGE

A graduate of Georgetown Wesleyan University, Class of 2004, where he earned doctor of philosophy in Christian Ministry and Leadership. A pioneer, a visionary and an Overseer leading and planting churches for the Kingdom of God.

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Welcome to Lighthouse Ministries International

Strategic Planning Seminars 

Online Registration & Resource Page


Reclaiming all that was stolen from us for our good & restoring God's purpose for our lives and generation.

Seminar Theme: Strategizing for double blessings: Reclamations & Restoration

Purpose: To gather for fellowship, evangelism, fundraising, spiritual and physical edification as well as to plan programs, events and activities for church and outreach arms of LHMI, Inc. in keeping with our Church theme and vision of our Overseer.

Who May Attend? Only Members of LHMI Auxiliaries i.e. Directors, Assistants, Committee Members and Special Invitees or Guest speakers.

Why Should You Register? So we can plan appropriately for refreshments and materials.

Is there a cost? No. An offering or donations towards snacks, lunch and materials would be appreciated.

How can I make a donation? You can submit a donation during online registration  (where applicable, may incur processing fee) or simply write a check to LHMI, Inc. with Memo: Strategic Planning Seminar (this incurs no fees).

What should I bring? If you have activities already in mind, bring them to the next Seminar. This reduces planning time and members in your auxiliary can discuss executing those plans. 

Contact Coordinator

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See above to Register.

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Strategic Plan Templates:


2019 MS Word version -- Download

2019 MS Excel version -- Download 

Event/Program Proposal

MS Word version -- Download

PDF version -- Download



4 Steps For Planning - Download

10 Elements of Events - Download 

The Art & Science of Vibe - Download

LHMI SERVANT Leadership conference March 2022.jpg

Servant Leadership Conference:


Agenda -- View

Keynote Speaker Bio -- View

Conference Manual -- View

Conference Worksheets -- View


When Registration opens for a seminar, complete the form below within this page. Your registration is NOT complete until you click the blue "submit" button.

Once your registration is complete, you will receive an e-mail confirming it.

Keep scrolling until the end of the form on this page to hit submit.

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