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Sowers Praise Reports / Testimonies


 I am returning to give all honor, thanks, and praise to the Most High God. I had sown a seed for my eldest daughter to get the apartment she loved, the seed germinated  in 4
days, she came to me on the 4th day when the application was approved, but said “Mom the Lord said a family on the list needs it, please give it up although you do not know them” and she did. God who is an accountant General blessed her to clear an entire debt that was on her budget for oh so long,.


Sunday May 1st, for Faith Seed sowing service, I had an expectation for my granddaughter's grades to be improved. In less than 8hrs after getting home, all her Cs were escalated to all A's after having a task at her reading skill. Giving God thanks and praise for my harvests.

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