Meet Our Leaders

Our leadership model is three tiered:​

God (Jesus, The Father and Holy Spirit) is the Head of our Church​. Our Pastor supported by our First Lady by and Ministerial Leaders are the Leaders of the Church. Our Administrative Council (Board Members) which supports the Pastoral Leaders, the Mission/Vision of the Church and oversea the administrative operations of Lighthouse.

Our Pastoral Leadership

​Rev. Dr. Oswen &  First Lady Cora-Dian Cameron Pastor Lighthouse Ministries International Inc. (LHMI) are committed to preaching the message of Salvation, Holiness and reconciliation as long as Jesus grants them breath.

Reverend Oswen F. Cameron, PhD. 


Meet our Founder & Senior Pastor, Overseer Rev. Dr. Cameron affectionately called Pastor. He is a solid man of God, who has been in the Ministry of Church Planting and Leadership for over forty (40) years. Pastor has a heart and passion for the salvation of souls and the edification of people regardless of  their status. Personal development is very important to our Pastor and thus, he conducts weekly Bible Teachings and seasonable Training Programs.

Pastor provides consistent leadership to our Members and Congregation through preaching of God's Word, Spiritual Guidance for Individuals in need, Support for the sick and shut-in, and Training for lay-leaders and volunteers. Join Overseer's Devotional Channel to receive Pastor's Daily Devotional Text Message. 

Overseer has authored his first book "Don't Allow Your Circumstances To Constrain You" which is filled with timeless examples of overcoming storms of life, both personally and Biblically. Get the book by visiting or write him at P.O. Box 848 Beltsville, MD 20704

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Reverend Cora-Dian (Roxanne) Cameron 


Our First Lady Rev. Cora-Dian Cameron aka Sis. Roxanne Cameron is a dynamic woman of God, who has been supporting her husband in ministry for over 35 years.  She is a Bible School scholar and is presently reading for her Master of Arts Degree in Christian Counseling and Psychology.

First Lady of is the Chief Operations Officer for International Missions of LHMI and is the founder and CEO of LHMI's Charity arm - CDCHOHE, Inc. Affectionally called FLOL, she leads by example how to live successfully in all aspects of life. Sis. Roxanne is also responsible for teaching and overseeing the Team that teaches Baptism, Membership/Discipleship classes. Sis. Cameron heads our Lighthouse Cancer & Awareness Support Group (LCAS) who provide support to members, friends and individuals battling cancer.

Charity and giving are a big part of Rev. Cora-Dian's life and as such she runs a successful pantry - BOLD Pantry that feeds and supplies services to over 50 thousands homes per year.

Our Leaders

Our Administrative Leadership

Lighthouse Ministries International has an Administrative Council / Trustees or Board that supports the Pastor and meets routinely to plan for the successful operation of Lighthouse Ministries International.


Bro. Lenworth Isaacs 


Director of Titus Men of Light and Resident Agent of LHMI,Inc.

Bro. Keith Anderson


Member Special Services Unit & Praise Warriors

Sis. Marva Walker


Director of Lighthouse Health Care & Hospitality Ministry

Sis. Ann-Marie Mills


Board Member At Large & Usher Board Secretary

Bro. Enrique Watson


Co-Director of Graduates & Scholars Recognition Program

Bro. Roxroy Parris


Co-Director of Graduates & Scholars Recognition Program

Our Staff / Volunteers

Our Administrative & Ministry Team

Lighthouse Ministries International has an Administrative team of staff and volunteers who support the Overseer, Associate Pastor  and church board, to assist with the successful operation of Lighthouse Ministries International.



Sis. Juanita E. L. Cameron


Programs & Training Directior; Executive Ministry Support


Sis. Marlene Parris 


Ministry Support Volunteer & Recording Secretary