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View recorded services from Lighthouse Ministries International. To view any service, click on the service thumbnail below and you will be redirected to that service. Recorded services are aired for 1 year following the service. We stream our services live from Ustream and LiveStream Broadcasters.  Advertisements aired on Live  Broadcasts and Recorded Program do not necessarily represent the views, opinions, beliefs and core values of LHMIInc. Recorded Programs are not viewable on some mobile devices. For inquiries please contact This has been a LighthouseLIVE Moment. All Rights Reserved Lighthouse Ministries International, no copyright infringements intended. 

Elder Katherine M. C. Macauley

You will be sorely missed by your Pastoral Family Cameron, fellow Church Board Members and the family of LHMI

~ Sleep In Peace ~

Give To The Bereavement Support & HEALTH CARE ProgramS at LHMI 

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- In Memorty of Elder Katherine Macauley

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Home Going Service: Florence Evangeline Quamina

A Celebration of Life - Viewing

Home Going Service: Florence Quamina Part 1

A Celebration of Life - Service

Home Going Service: Florence Quamina Part 2

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