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2021 GivingTuesday Fundraising Flyer LHMI.jpg

It's Time To Give Hope for ...


OUR FUNDRAISER GOAL: $20,000 USD for 2021

Amount Raised: $1260.00 as of 12/9/2021

(we're continuing to fundraise until 12/30/2021)

This is your chance to make a difference.

Help us shine light in the world with our COMMUNITY OUTREACH MISSIONS and reach our fiscal goal for this important cause.



1. FOOD DISPARITY REDUCTION Through services of our community food bank: BOLD PANTRY

2. EDUCATION Promoting spiritual and natural human development through our Life College and Scholars Recognition Programs

3. SOCIOECONOMIC RELIEF Providing assistance to support the development of communities through medical supplies missions and access to relief for family's household needs.

If you could help make a difference in the world … would you? Partner with us to make a global impact for God and the good of humanity, especially now, with a gift of $50, $100, $150 or more.


Your gift to LHMI this Giving Tuesday could be the gift that changes everything. Thanks for supporting LHMI & CDCHOHE, Inc.

GIVE a Gift of Hope Today

• CashApp $LHMIINC$lhmiinc

• PayPal "friends and family" to

• PayPal Giving Fundraiser

• Check payable to LHMI, Inc. and mail to 10727 Tucker St. Beltsville MD 20705

For ALL GIFTS use memo: Giving Tuesday

Thanks for supporting LHMI and CDCHOHE, Inc. Fundraisers.

Double Good_0_edited.jpg

Hello, help us fundraise for our local COMMUNITY FOOD BANK - BOLD PANTRY and support its awesome outreach missions.

Click on any of Team Leaders Shop Links below to shop or donate when our Fundraiser opens for 4 days starting Dec. 13, 2021. Join us and let's give back to the community!


Shop Ultra-Premium Popcorn from our Team Leaders:

(50% of each purchase benefits LHMI-CDCHOHE fundraiser through Double Good Fundraising Platform).

1. The CDCHOHE Bold Pantry's Shop Link:

2. Elder Enrique Watson's Shop link:

3. Minister Juanita Cameron's Shop link:

4. Elder Karen Burnett's Shop link:

5. Deaconess Keisha Elder Richards' Shop link:

6. Elder Ann-Marie  Shop link:

7. Elder Valarie Munroe's Shop link:

8. Elder Lenworth Isaacs' Shop link:

9. Lay Leader Edna Watson's Shop link:

10. Lay Leader Michael Francis's Shop link:

11. Deaconess Marlene Parris' Shop link:

12. Elder Marva Walker's Shop link:

13. Sis. Zannabe Henry's Shop link:

14. Elder Keith Anderson's Shop link:

Not a fan of Gourmet Popcorn? That's alright, you could still 

Help Us Meet our Fundraiser Goal for 2021 

by  making a donation directly to our church via any of the giving options below:

CashApp $LHMIINC$lhmiinc


PayPal "friends and family" to

PayPal Giving Fundraiser


Check payable to LHMI, Inc. and mail to 10727 Tucker St. Beltsville MD 20705

For ALL Fundraiser Donations, use memo: 2021 BOLD PANTRY Fundraiser

Thanks for supporting LHMI and CDCHOHE, Inc. Fundraisers.


Fundraiser Purpose: To support the the Charitable Outreaches of LHMI: BOLD Pantry, National and International Relief Program, Expansion & Building Projects, and Missions

2018 Yankee Candle Fundraiser is Online Only!

Lighthouse Ministries International Group # 999973344

Online shopping available through January 9, 2019!


Shop Now >>

All online orders ship directly to purchaser!

We are very excited to partner with Yankee Candle Fundraising by offering premium products from the world’s #1 candle brand.  It is our hope that we will reach or exceed our fundraising goals and present our supporters with brand name products they use and want.

Over 500 branded products to give and receive for the Holidays.

Yankee Candle Fundraiser

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Fundraiser Letter

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Apple Mobile App download guide

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How Does It Work?

Via Text Message or Whatsapp

Send this link to your family and friends -

Encourage them to explore the online catalog

Each sale under our Group Number, helps us gain 40% on the sales

All items will ship directly to buyer

We appreciate your donations!!


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