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Rev. Oswen F. Cameron, PhD

Leader • Counselor • Pioneer • Mentor • Professor • Author


At the tender age of fourteen, Reverend Dr. Oswen Cameron accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. Four years later, he answered the call of God to the ministry and in 1977 enrolled in the Wesleyan Institute to pursue ministerial training. 


Upon successful completion of his training, in 1980, the Vreed-en-Hoop Wesleyan Church, Guyana was the first church he pastored; then as the church grew and expanded, he was later transferred to a struggling church in Mahaica to help it grow. During his 35 years of service to the Wesleyan Church, Rev. Dr. Cameron gave leadership to many developing churches, and served in District and Regional capacities in Guyana, Suriname and Globally.  Some of his notable services include serving as: a member of Guyana District Board of Administration (1983), Assistant District Superintendent  (1985), Regional Superintendent for Guyana and Suriname, the District Superintendent of Guyana in 1986 for 15 years and Secretary of the International Board of Administration of the Wesleyan Church Headquarters in Indiana. 


During his tenure as District Superintendent, through the grace and wisdom of Jesus Christ, and dedicated service, the Guyana District membership grew from 800 to 5000 plus membership. In addition, 12 new churches were planted in the Guyana District, bringing the total number of churches to 44; and the Bible Institute became an accredited College offering courses from Certificate to the Doctoral level. In 1992, he undertook the responsibility of pastoring the Charlotte Street Wesleyan Church, a dying city church. By 2005 this church grew from 77 to an average weekly attendance of 500. He pioneered three television programs – THE LIGHT FROM THE WORD, with a viewing audience of over 500,000 people, with one of the stations reaching into the border town between Suriname and Guyana. Rev. Dr. Cameron has also traveled throughout the length and breadth of Guyana, teaching and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Rev. Dr. Cameron has served his native country both as President and member of The Guyana Evangelical Fellowship (An Affiliate of the World Evangelical Fellowship). He served as the treasurer of the Mission Commission of the Caribbean Evangelical Fellowship (MCCEF). He also served as the Executive Secretary to the International Board and Conference of the Wesleyan Church. Rev. Dr. Oswen Cameron, along with his family, immigrated to North America to Pastor the National Wesleyan Church. He is currently Pastoring Lighthouse Ministries International in Adelphi, Maryland. 


Rev. Dr. Oswen Cameron is married to First Lady Rev. Cora-Dian Cameron, and they have four grown children (Juanita, Adele, Phoebe and Brian) who serve in the ministry with them.


Rev. Dr. Oswen Cameron is nationally and internationally recognized as a Minister of religion in good standing for the past thirty-seven years. He has served the body of Christ as a Bishop, Pastor, Mentor and Professor of religion. Additionally, Rev. Dr. Cameron has provided denominational and non-denominational pastoral leadership for ministers. He is currently the Pastor of Lighthouse Ministries International, which he founded in 2008. He currently serves as the Chairman of an interdenominational Ministers and Wives Fellowship (MWF) based in Maryland which functions as an accountability and support ministry to Pastors, their spouses and children.


Rev. Dr. Cameron earned a Diploma, Bachelor Of Arts Degree and Master of Arts Degree in Christian Ministry and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Christian Ministry and Counseling from Georgetown Wesleyan University. In 2005, Dr Cameron obtained a certificate in Pastoral Crisis Intervention from UMBC. He is especially known by his colleagues as a man of integrity, who possesses an outstanding ability to pioneer churches and/or ministries that help communities, cities and nations with church growth and development.


Rev. Dr. Cameron’s mission is to spread the message of hope, peace and light to all mankind in obedience to God’s command “... go into the entire world and preach the gospel ...” found in the Book of St. Matthew Chapter twenty-nine verses nineteen and twenty.

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